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Inspiring Leadership Coaching Programme

The Inspiring Leadership Coaching Programme is an effective approach for leaders who want to perform at an even higher level.

Navigating the 21st century presents both excitement and challenges. Individuals face immense pressure to deliver value for heightened business performance while also inspiring those under their leadership. At its core, behavior is pivotal in either propelling or impeding results.

This programme addresses the pressure of driving value and inspiring others in the challenging 21st-century business environment. The program focuses on behavior as a key driver of results and provides a confidential and safe environment for leaders to develop greater self-awareness and explore the impact of their behaviors on others. With the support of a trusted advisor on leadership, leaders are equipped with the latest leadership techniques to achieve measurable and sustainable behavioral change.

Our extensive coach network allows us to provide coaching at all organizational levels, from CEOs to aspiring leaders. Sessions can be delivered in-person or virtually.

Topics typically covered in our coaching program include: values, purpose, well-being, resilience, inspiring leadership, role transitions, conflict management, emotions management, derailers, leading through change, harnessing authenticity, courageous leadership, managing stakeholders, and increasing brand reputation and influence.

The program is tailored to meet individual needs and available investment, and may include the following components:

1. Initial chemistry meeting to select the right coach for the leader.

2. Approximately 6-8 one-to-one coaching sessions, each lasting about 90 minutes.

3. Objectives set and agreed upon with the leader, sponsor, HR, and coach at the start of the program.

4. Mid-point and end-of-coaching reviews with sponsors.

5. Self-awareness building through psychometrics, feedback, and observations.

6. Just-in-time support between coaching sessions.

7. Access to tools, techniques, and content to support the transfer of learning into behavior change.

We offer a range of coaching services, including:

– CEO Advisory

– Onboarding new executives and leaders

– High-potential individuals

– Specialised coaching and support, such as media/presentation skills, and image/brand consulting