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London City University

Thanks for your fantastic teaching Leigh on the subject of HR Leadership and making it so interactive and joy to learn. We really loved your style of teaching and the method you used throughout all your lectures. We all felt it was one of the best modules we have covered; it was very informative, enjoyable and fun. 

CASS Business School, London City University MBA Students

When we met, I was at the point where I’d lost a sense of work/life balance after a heavy year of restructuring the business. I’d developed unhealthy eating and drinking habits, my sleep patterns were compromised and any form of regular exercise routine had gone out the window. Thanks to your executive coaching, I have turned my life around and become a far higher performing leader. So I simply wanted to say thank you! 

FMCG Managing Director
Retail Sector

Hello Leigh, I’m excited and delighted to tell you I have been appointed as a Director on the Board. Truly, your support, guidance and executive coaching really mattered and I appreciate it! You really went out of your way to help me achieve my goal. You are an inspiring leader who walks your talk.

Retail Sector Executive Leader
Emirates Airlines

Having just left a horrible senior executive meeting before attending your session, I loved that the themes you shared on inspiring leadership were around ourselves. Being who we are matters; our authenticity and flexibility. I appreciate your words. I ended the day feeling much better. I’m much encouraged to review myself more, and have greater meansing, purpose and clarity. I often refer to your hand-out notes on my cubicle wall. 

Emirates Airlines Joe Bloggs

eigh I wanted to thank you for delivering what was both a very interesting & inspiring seminar. I’m truly passionate regarding how we can support females; not just transitioning into senior & board level roles, but also developing their potential. You reminded us to show them the potential they have & empower them to realise that where they are from, or what their current situation is does not determine their future.

Recruitment Executive Robert Walters
BAE Systems

Thank you for all your coaching, mentoring, support and guidance this year Leigh – it has been of immense help to me and I am very grateful. I know I will need more next year! Your sound judgement, advice and patience has been essential to helping me through some difficult experiences (all good learning, of course!) 

BAE Systems Senior Executives
Technology Sector

SectorThank you for a fantastic presentation at your motivational breakfast talk yesterday Leigh. Like the others, I came away inspired, and used your WWW and EBI formula for a leadership presentation yesterday afternoon which got great feedback! We need more of what you shared with us!

Global Talent Acquisition Manager Technology Sector
Private Health Sector

I feel very flattered to have gained your good opinion & incredibly lucky to have had your honest feedback, support & guidance. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you over the last 12 months of coaching together; you completely embody the concept of inspiring leadership & I aspire to follow in your footsteps (even in a small way!) in making a difference to others.

Private Health Sector Head of Marketing

Thanks very much for the great motivational speaking session – it was very informative! Your Inspiring Women Leaders book and Top Tips for Inspiring Leaders books are great – accessible tools that I will read and use.

CEO & Founder Senior Executive