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Wisdom Councils

“Unlocking Collective Wisdom: A Collaborative Approach to Problem-Solving within Organizations”

Wisdom Counsels is a collaborative problem-solving method that can be employed by teams or individuals within the same organisation.

The process involves assembling a small group of individuals, typically consisting of 6 members, each of whom brings forth an unresolved issue that has been troubling them for some time. These issues can be causing distress and negatively impacting performance and productivity.

During the Wisdom Counsel session, each member presents their issue to the group, and together, they work cohesively to comprehend and generate potential solutions. The objective is to attain a comprehensive and holistic understanding of the problem and to arrive at a resolution that addresses the concerns of all the members.

This process proves particularly effective when dealing with complex and multifaceted issues, or when diverse perspectives are required. The collective intelligence of the group often leads to superior solutions compared to an individual working in isolation. Additionally, the process aids in fostering trust and collaboration among the group members.