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Psychometric Assessments, Behavioural Observations and Feedback

Fostering Effective Leadership Through Heightened Self and Team Awareness

Self-awareness is a critical skill for effective leadership, yet achieving it can be challenging. While many leaders believe they possess self-awareness, research suggests that only a small percentage actually meet the criteria.

To assist leaders in attaining a deeper understanding of themselves and their teams, we employ a combination of psychometric assessments, behavioral observations, and feedback. This approach enables leaders to develop internal self-awareness, encompassing an understanding of their values, motivations, strengths, emotions, and weaknesses, as well as external self-awareness, which pertains to how others perceive the leader’s behavior and attitudes, and how it impacts performance and relationships. Additionally, our approach includes team awareness, addressing systemic challenges that a group of individuals may encounter.

We utilise a variety of trusted psychometric and high-impact tools:  

  • Inspiring Leadership Inventory (ILITM, ILI 360oTM, ILI TeamTM): assesses leaders against the 8 components of the IL Compass and the 4 environments. It also benchmarked against other global leaders and provides results on strengths, development areas, and “dark side” overdone behaviours.
  • The ILI360o and ILI Team feedback: not only benchmarks leaders against their peers but also gathers feedback and feed-forward from key stakeholders.
  • The Individual Directions Inventory (IDI): helps leaders understand their own personal motivations and drivers, as well as that of others in their team.
  • Hogan’s Development Survey (HDS): which identifies personality-based performance and derailment risks of behaviours when leaders are under pressure, tired or stressed. 
  • Behavioural Observations: conducted by experienced professional coaches, it helps identify specific behaviours and processes that are performance enhancing or derailing. A comprehensive feedback report and coaching opportunities help build awareness and support change.